Parent Involvement

At scallywags we believe that children’s needs are met through partnership with parents/carers, and these partnerships are a major factor in children’s learning, confidence building and self-esteem. We believe that parents are children’s first educators; their involvement in pre-school ensures that home based learning and the learning opportunities in the group are extended and reinforce each other.


Parents as workers

In order yo keep our fees affordable and inclusive and to ensure parents are partners in their child's early learning experiences we ask parents to work food and or play shifts alongside qualified staff. Our families come from a diverse range of cultures and offer a rich variety of life experiences for the children to gain from. All parents are placed on the rota and the number of shifts you do a term depends on the number of days your child attends the nursery.  It is really very manageable and the children love to see their special people at their special place.

On joining working parents undertake a sustained induction period, where they become knowledgeable of the day-to-day working life of the setting, undertaking shadow shifts to establish themselves in working as part of a early years team. During this period of induction parents spend time becoming familiar with our policies and procedures, such health and safety, child protection, behaviour and healthy eating requirements and routines, along with  environmental standards, working alongside qualified staff who facilitate good quality practice, in the effective delivery of early years foundation stage in practice (EYFS).