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Food and Drink

At Scallywags, we have snack time halfway through the morning followed by lunchtime. Before we go into eat, we wash our hands. Once we sit down, we sing songs as we wait for our food to come in. The children love this time to be together and often have special requests. During the meal, our staff sits with the children and chats about things that are on their mind. We also help with passing out cutlery and encourage the children to help pour their drinks and take part in the cleanup at the end of the meal.  


We pride ourselves on offering a wide and varied nutritious vegetarian diet. We work closely with the Healthy Early Years Team to develop our nutritious menu plans and with Environmental Health departments as required to ensure we meet standards. We meet the needs for children with allergies as well as those with dietary requirements.

Parents prepare our food as part of their work with us, this means that we offer a diverse and exciting menu for children to experience and enjoy. We provide all the guidance needed and our friendly staff and fellow parents will ensure that you enjoy your food shifts. We have even created our very own menu book based on recipes loved in the setting!

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