What We Offer



Forest School

Scallywags has worked hard over the past few years to develop our forest school programme. All children have the opportunities of attending forest school overtime with our trained forest school leader. This experience provides valuable opportunities for outdoor learning to occur; It offers children opportunities to develop positive self esteem, as well as interactive and social skills to develop, also for children to develop love, understanding and mutual respect for the outdoor environments.


Forest School takes place all year round and we have invested money into providing appropriate clothing for all children to use in the garden and forest school – so the fun can continue whatever the weather!

This is currently on pause due to the pandemic. We hope to resume this again soon!



Capoeira is a  martial art from Brazil that combines elements of acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way, the uniqueness of Capoeira offers our children the opportunity to gain bodily  physical strength, power and flexibility and their minds a wealth of self-confidence ,concentration, courage and creativity

Capoeria is a great fun!


Grow Your Own

At scallywags we grow our own vegetables. Outdoor creativity is an active part of our ethos the children enjoy spending time planting and caring for and then cropping a variety of vegetable and herbs which we then use in our kitchen

We have recently begun to plant wild flowers to create a natural and rustic garden for the children to enjoy – hopefully they will be up soon!